Need Outcomes? Here is the Proper Strategy to Whinge



The coffee is too hot.
The air conditioning is too cold.
That policy is unfair.
The old way worked better.
I always get the hardest assignments.
My boss never says thank you.

You see the problems in your office—the processes that could be improved, the policies that should be changed, the little annoyances that, over time, turn into big annoyances—and you want them fixed. But no matter how many times you complain, nothing happens. Your objections fall on deaf ears and things stay the same—the way they’ve always been.

Sound familiar?

Well, during my years as both a teammate and a manager, I’ve been the sounding board for (OK, and maybe the occasional source of) complaints at my office, and I’ve learned that there’s a right and wrong way to complain. One way will get you labeled as a whiner—and one will actually get you what you want. So, the next time you have something to complain about, here are my tips for doing the latter. Read more…

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